Eight Hotels has united the values on which its CSR concept is founded in four key areas: Supply Chain, Work Force, Community and Environment.
Together, these areas make up the concept of sustainability that leads our structures, inspires and involves our employees, unites our partners and promotes the local community – and thereby encouraging development.

Supply Chain

We work with partners who share our values. Wherever possible, we prefer to choose suppliers from the local communities and environmentally-friendly products, in order to promote the growth and development of the communities in which we operate.

Work Force

Our employees are our partners in supplying the highest levels of service and comfort. We nurture an environment that allows our employees to become better individuals and helps them fulfill both their professional and personal goals.


We actively encourage and promote the employment of residents from the local community. We prefer using local products and resources to contrubute to the developmennt and overall quality of life of the local area.


Our concept of luxury is not detrimental to our natural resources. We try to ensure that all our activties respect local traditions and culture, be respecting natural habitats. Eight Hotels guarantees and promotes daily environmentally-friendly practices.


 Polo del Sorriso - Fondazione Operation Smile; Eight Hotels; Achille d'Avanzo; Onlus; Smile House di Roma;

Donation for Operation Smile Italia Onlus Foundation - 2018

 Achille d'Avanzo, Eight Hotels, Fondazione Operation Smile Italia Onlus

Donation for Operation Smile Italia Onlus Foundation - 2017

Donation for ANFFAS - 2016 Villa Gemelli Onlus

Sponsor "Gala Evening for Research" - 2016

Donation for ANFFAS - 2016

Sponsor "Gala Evening for Research" - 2015

Donation for Rapallo Municipality - 2015